Full House "The House"

These are some actual photos of the house.

There are a few posts in Google Earth which tell us the wrong house as the "Full House" house. I searched a long time by myself… and found:

These are from Microsoft Virtual Earth where you can watch the streets by 4 different directions.

On the first picture it‘s the 5th house from the left. On the second picture consequently the 5th from the right and we can recognize that this is not the backside we imagined. The real backside has many more windows as we could see in the 192 episodes of Full House.

We can also recognize, that the Tanners and Gibblers can not have their houses garden to garden, as shown in the Episode where Jesse has to lower his blood pressure.

This is the Tanners‘s house. The adress of the Tanners is 1882 Girard Street. This is not an existing adress however. The real adress of the "Casa Tanner" is 1709 Broderick Street.

To the final I want to show you some pictures of inside the studio. On the left side the living room, on the right side the second floor, consisting of the bedrooms and the bathroom.

Well, we are thankful for eight years of happiness, sorrow and lots of fun in the Tanner-house.

Here you can see some maps of inside the house.


Thanks to Ken Masterson for his concept: